North Springs Shootout, Central Utah

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    Mar 13, 2008
    1st Annual

    MAY 24,25,26, 2008
    Central Utah

    Folks, we need to break in this North Springs Shooting range. It opened last year with almost five million dollars invested so far and they are still building more. Near Price, Utah. Info about this range is at Welcome to Carbon County Utah (click on shooting range).
    This will be a tactical, precision, long range rifle match. With a few additional twists to it. This match is designed to do a LOT of shooting and have a LOT of fun. We'll be shooting mostly prone.
    You may shoot any or all four of the divisions during the three days of competition. Use the same or different rifles for each stage. Bring what ever you can legally shoot and any equipment you can carry. We want to see what you can do with what you got. Will be adjusting stages to fit firearms being shot, .22 rimfire to 50 BMG. About 200 rounds of ammo for the three days should do.

    #1 Saturday afternoon: Slow fire
    50 to 200 yards

    #2 Sunday morning: Stages of multi positions and distances
    100 to 600 yards

    #3 Sunday afternoon: All hell breaks loose
    more intense
    100 to 1000 yards

    #4 Monday morning: ONE SHOT - ONE KILL
    and a few surprises

    There will be more info on COF, pricing (minimal), entry forms on a web site coming up. Fee will include being able to shoot on your own before the match starts Saturday and after it's over Monday on any range venues, like the old west cowboy town. To you city slickers with auto loading, high cap mag pistols, think of it as building clearing.
    North Springs Shooting Range staff has been extremely helpful in setting up this match and making sure it will run smoothly and safely, and so with plenty of qualified RO's, it's sounding good to me.
    Thanks, Clint
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    Mar 13, 2008
    More Info

    Here is the web site for more information about this shooting comp. Utah Tactical.ORG or call Clint at 801 599 1574