North Springs Shootout Results, Pics,video

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    Mar 13, 2008
    We had a total of 14 shooters in the 3 days of the 1st annual North Springs Memorial Day Shootout. Since several could only make it on Saturday, we did as many and varied stages as we could that day. Nine stages in six and a half hours.
    Bob took 1st for the first five stages with a perfect score of the silhouette targets, 200 to 500 yards.
    The next two stages were on the LE moving man target. Use your own gun the first stage. Every body use the same 10-22 the second stage. Most of us were in shock when we realized how far you had to lead the target with the .22. Mark got it figured out pretty good and got 44 out of 50 possible points on the second part. He took first place for these two stages.
    Stages 8 and 9 were over the edge. Shooting off a ledge. Between the two there were seven different target areas and seven different distances and angles. Brian and Aaron tied for first place here. Each one missed only one clay on the first shot, but hit it the second, so each one was only down 5 points.
    Day two was spent doing cold bore, five shot groups, and speed drills, but the big deal was the run and gun. I swear I'll shorten this stage for old guys like me. Lon and Jim were still doing head shots at 100 yards, off hand after running 300 yards. They were only five points apart and Lon got first place here.
    Day three we had three new faces. We did more cold bore, five shot groups and five shot speed drills. Scott H stayed within a two inch square at 100 yards, 5 shots in 9.19 seconds. Made the rest of us look bad.
    Jim had the most points added up by the end of the match, even though he only shot two days. So he got a 1st place for that.
    I think half the people that showed up, shoot prairie dogs for a second job. It was great. Thanks for all the support you guys. There are pictures and video at are web site Utah Tactical.ORG Next Utah Shootout July 12. At the North Springs Shooting Range.