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    May 5, 2008
    Well after stumbling across this site about three months ago I have spent many hours trawling through articles and past threads learning as much as possible. I must say that I have never come across a site with such a huge amount of in depth info on longrange shooting and hunting in general.
    I finally made up my mind and ordered my first rong range hunting rig. I chose a 338 edge made by Shawn Carlock from Defensive Edge.
    Anyway after talking to Shawn he recommended that I put a nightforce direct mount on this rifle. Now I don't know alot about this mounting system versus the picatinny rail and rings setup and was wondering if anybody had experience with the direct mount. I am also planning to install an angle cosign indicator and one of the anti cant bubble levels. Would this be a problem? I am worried that there would not be much leeway to play with when mounting the scope. I am planning to install a NXS 5.5-22x56 scope.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Jun 8, 2004
    Here is a photo of the NF Direct Mount. If this is the mount you are talking about then NO you will not be able to add the ADIMT (Angle Degree Indicator) nor a bubble level.

    Also I would recommend getting the 50mm over the 56mm because you will not really notice the difference.

    The average size of a human’s eye pupil at night is 7 mm and in daylight it is about 4mm on average. If the optic give you a 7mm of exit pupil and you are using it for day use more than half the light will not reach the retina. I have also noticed if you are getting too much light and you look away you see light spots were ever you look and the targets look washedout. On a lot of my scopes I use a light reducer so I do not get the light spots and the washout is not there.

    Size of bell divided by magnification = exitpupil. Hare are some examples.


    The sweet spots for the 56 and the 50mm at Night and Day use.

    50/7.14x = 7mm night use and for day use 50/12.5x = 4mm
    56/8x = 7mm night use and for day use 56/14x = 4mm

    You are really not get much advantage over the 50mm. I feel there is a bigger disadvantage and that is you have to go with tall rings 1.00” at the low to 1.25” were the 50mm you can do 0.885”.

    Hope this helps.

    Mike @ CSGW

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    Oct 7, 2005
    Actually, both the angle/cosine indicator and the bubble can be mounted directly to the scope.

    If Shawn is recommending a particular mounting system, I'm sure it is top notch. I looked for a picture that showed the scope mounted accessories (angle and bubble) but couldn't find it (there are pictures of rifles with those on them, on this site).

    I have a one piece mounting system similar to the NF for my Savage and it works great.

  4. tjbill

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    Jan 22, 2006
    The Sinclair International bubble levels mount directly to the scope tube and come in 1 inch and 30 mm straight and offset. I use the offset because I find it easier to see from behind the scope. The cosine indicator from Sniper Tools can be mounted to the scope tube with a Weaver low ring. Nice job on jumping right in!
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    May 2, 2008
    Thanks for the help guys .

    MDP is out of range again now for a month as he is a pearl diver in 1 of Australia's most remote regions and wont be back in for a while but he would apprecieate all the comments.

    Thanks guys