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    Aug 25, 2012
    I own a Remington 700 BDL .30-06, 24” barrel (+30 years old). Most rounds shot were factory loads, at 180gr. For the past 15 years most of my Illinois deer hunting was with a 12ga. Near the end of my active .30-06 shooting I began hand loading and shooting lower charge accuracy rounds. Probably shot around ±800 rounds thru it. What is the easiest way to check for barrel wear?

    Flash forward – TODAY
    Cabela’s has a Savage/Cabela’s Special Long-Range Hunter 6.5-284, 24” stainless steel fluted barrel, 1-8 twist.
    I am concerned if the barrel length is appropriate for the cartridge?
    What to expect in “felt recoil” vs. the above .30-06?
    What about early barrel wear of this cartridge?
    Any thoughts on barrel life expectancy using Norma Oryx 6.5-284 156 gr
    V0 = 2790 FPS V100 = 2531 FPS V200 = 2287 FPS V300 = 2056 FPS
    E0 = 2697 Ft·Lb E100 = 2220 Ft·Lb E200 = 1812 Ft·Lb E300 = 1465 Ft·Lb

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    Oct 31, 2009
    If you can no longer seat your bullets out far enough to touch the lands in the rifling, your throat may be eroded....but, your particular rifle may have had a long throat to begin with.?

    If your accuracy is no longer acceptable, your barrel my be getting worn out....but, that could also be due to a change in ammo lots or barrel fouling.?

    A bore scope can tell the story....but they're expensive; often times, those who have borescopes are gunsmiths and some will attempt to sell you a new barrel when it's really not necessary.

    Illinois humidity and lack of use.......rust may be a bigger concern than barrel wear.

    I'd say as long as it's shooting to your satisfaction, don't worry about it. I put over 3000 rounds through a 25-06 barrel before it was shot out, and the majority of those bullets were 85 grn going ~3600'/sec.

    To my knowledge, folks that are shooting the 6.5-284 are utilizing barrels at least 26" Heard tale of barrels 32" long needed to get all the goody that cartridge is capable of. It's supposedly got a reputation for wearing out barrels easily, but I can't say from personal experience.

    I would buy a 6.5-284, but it would have a 26" tube, if not 28".

    Best of Luck