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  1. txnub

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    Mar 10, 2008
    So I am new to long range shooting and I would like some input. I am interested in doing some long range hunting (After some practice of course). If you guys could give me your input on what to purchase to get started that would be great. I will be hunting exclusively whitetails. I would say the absolute max range would be 700 yds and would be surprised at over 500. Of course I will do some target shooting at whatever range, but actual hunting will stay within those ranges. I'm not in any hurry and am just curious what you guys have to say about whitetails at this range. Seems like most threads are about game up to elk size at long range.
  2. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    Well being a F.N.G. (just kidding) and your max ranges arn't to tearibily far and deer is the main target then I recomend a good 308 , say a Rem 700 VS or their about , but Savages are well worth the money to. the 308 has plenty of factroy match loads for it that will easly shoot to 700yds and several that will kill deer to that range. The 308 also has a long barrel life , its easy on the shoulder , easy to hand load for , very easy to get fine accuracy from as they are generaly not picky at all. I also like the 308 because it forces guys to learn to read the wind and be better and accurate range estimating and dialing their scope , i think that guy who jump right into a super flat shooting rifle strait out the gate are hamstringing themselves out of some good fundamentals needed for long range shooting and hunting.
    My dad made me learn to be very profecient with a long bow and actualy had to kill a deer with it before he would allow me to get a compound , his thought was that learing to hunt was better than learning to shoot fast , and I carry that same idea with me in just about everything I do , gotta learnt to be a good crawler before we can runn well , cause sooner or later we have to do some crawling.

  3. Moman

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    Feb 7, 2008
    Well said!
  4. 284stak

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    Jul 23, 2007
    For deer at the range you mention - you have a whole lot of choices: however, I would go with a 7mm caliber -- 280AI, 7WSM, 7RemMag, 7 Dakota, or a 7STW. Even though your ranges are not extreme- a flat shooting 7 with a high BC bullet will help you out with the wind - which will be your main issue --- assuming you have good rangefinder.
  5. kc

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    Jan 7, 2003
    you might wish to check out the SAVAGE, I think there is a .260 REM..ask some of the guys at the rang about the SAVAGE, its ugly, but this in my opinion, its the most accurate out of the box rifle dollar for dollar. Just dont get a junk scope I have a BURRIS, its ok but there are better. Will you be using this rifle for Deer, or Varmints. The .260 is showing its potential as a real good round for both out the 500 pluss yards. I saw it on a deer, shot at 330 yards, it dropped in its tracks so fast it blew my mind.