New Shooting Club In Our Hometown Finally

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    Mar 28, 2013
    My local gunshop owner has won the fight with the town & he now has the greenlight to start the shooting range & our club .Here in Saltville if i want to shoot i have to drive almost a hour & go deep into Tumbling Cove at the state shooting range & thats if it is even open it is closed when hunting seasons are closed so we have no place to shoot untill now . I am gonna help out in anyway possible i hope to get him a good deal on some sawmill lumber the range when completed will be able to have a 200-300 yrd rifle range & a excellent handgun range as well & at the state range you aren't even allowed to have a handgun at the range . Wish us well fellas i can't wait untill we have a place where we can go to test out the loads we reload WHOO:D