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    Jan 22, 2008
    Money is a big issue. so without accessories, just gun, i need to go as cheap as possible. only interested in the bigger stuff (ie. 300rum, 338edge).
    This rifle is going to replace my .340wby Mk VI, it is my only rifle! I need it as versitile as possible, but long range is the goal.
    so heres my thoughts on several builds/modified stock rifles. stock must be synthetic. action must be stainless.

    rem senduro 300ultra mag
    DE brake
    DE cheek peice
    this build makes the most sense to me because everything is good quality, but it is a little heavy for alpine or still hunting. plus I dont rely like the palm swell on the stock.

    rem XCR LRT
    change bolt face to 300rum
    chang out the magazine to accomidate
    DE Brake
    DE cheekpeice
    alot of work for the rum but i really like the stock

    find a cheap savage action w/ accutrigger or order a blank action
    change bolt face and follower to 300rum
    shilen pre-chambered barrel 28" .338 edge (not sure if they offer that cal.)
    HS stock

    keep the .340 and work with what i got (new stock from somwhere, the stock one is crap!)

    see my problem is that I find the senduro/target style rifles to heavy, but the sporter styles way to light. I liked the the XCR LRT quite a bit, but wrong calibers. Alot of confussion but one gun has gotta do it all! Another problem is that I live in Canada where everything to do with firearms is another 35%-50% extra.