"New member (been here approx. 1 yr) never filled this out!

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    Dec 1, 2007
    Hello all,
    I go by "hopt". I've been here long enough to become a member as opposed to a jr. member, but have never filled out an into.
    I'm a paid firman in a central arkansas city. I mainly hunt, but have gotten into target shooting also and want to expand that into long range hunting/shooting. I've been a member of a deer lease in south Arkansas for 19 yrs. now, and this is partially what has gotten me interested in long range hunting. We have some "stands" that have some 800-1000+ yd. shots! I have never taken a deer at more than 500 yds. (482 with a rangefinder), and my goal is get past the 500 yd mark, but to have the skill to do it humanely and confidently.
    I shoot a few different rifles, depending on how i feel when I wake up is what decides what I'm shooting that day.
    I shoot a Rem. LTR .308, a Browning Eclipse 7mm Mag, or a Kimber 8400
    Ltd. edition .300WSM (my favorites). I also shoot a Ruger 25-06, a Ruger compact .223 ("my daughter's rifle"), a Benelli SBE II 12 ga. (for duck hunting) a RRA AR-15, and a preban Norinco AK. The last 2 are just for fun and letting off steam!
    I've been shooting and hunting for about 30 yrs. now. I do lots of reading and "research" on guns, ammo, and gadgets, so I think I'm fairly well versed as far as what is what when it comes to guns. I'm not versed in the world of "custom" long range rifles, and I'm eager to learn!
    I think I've gone on enough about me here. I'd love to hear from others, and I'm always looking for "deals" on rifles, pistols and shotguns!!! I also like to trade when it's equitable for both parties. I look forward to hearing from other members!! I don't really have a favorite quote, I have been known to say "when in doubt, shoot'em again" ! referring to hunting of course.....thanks, hopt gun) :eek:
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    Hopt, thanks for the intro.

    I've seen some of your posts. Its nice to know a little background.

    Good shootin' to ya......