New Guy from Tenaha, Texas by GOD

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    Aug 4, 2009
    gun)Hey guys, I'm Big Bad Bob Stillwell and I am:
    a Veteran (USAF) local hunting legend, published author,ordained member of the clergy, Senior Lease Operator in the Oil Patch, Certified Electrician, Lover of Beautiful Women, and even my initials are B.S.
    I live down on the Sabine River where the hogs are big as cars,
    We've got skeeters that can stand flatfooted and F*** a turkey.
    200 lbs Alligator Gars, inbred river bottom white tails and Rattlers that start on one side of the road and end on the other. Cotton Mouth Water Moccasins that can swallow a ten pound Blue Cat.
    I'm 51 years old with a bad back, bad heart, and a 35 year old corn on my foot as big as a peach seed, but the day hasn't come when I can't out B*** S*** anybody north of the Rio Grande. Lets Dance!!!!