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    Jan 10, 2011
    Hello, I just signed up for this so will take a few minutes to give some information on myself.

    I am retired from 34 years in law enforcementt where I did details such as Fish & Game enformcement, livestock investigation, was a resident deputy, firearms instructor and Range Master. During this time I also served on 3 tact teams in the capcity of a sniper/observer.

    I am a graduate gunsmith from the old Oregon Technical Institute (sincfe renamed) program, and have also served as an armorer. My interests in shooting are handguns, rifles, and accuracy work on rifles. I also am an avid reloader and bullet caster.

    I have been involved with Search & Rescue for over 45 years, specializing in tracking/signcutting which I had learned from my father who was one of the brest. Over the years I have been a SAR training officer, SAR Coordinator and Search Manager.

    I am married to a wonderful lady who has supported and tolerated my proffession as well as my driving interest in firearms. She her self is a shooter and hunter as are our children.

    I am an avid hunter, elk being a passion but enjoy any game hunting. I don't need to bring something in every time to enjoy the hunt and have passed many opportunities over the years to make a shot while engaged in stalking an animal to see how close one can get. My favorite type of hunting is spot and stalk, and the challenges it brings.

    I am a NRA Endowment Member, NAHC Trophy Life Member, and a Life Member Police Marksmen Association.

    I enjoy meeting new shooters as well as old shooters, share ideas, things I have tried and learning from others. I have always been willing to help someone who was having a problem with shooting or helping new shooters get started. I consider myself to be a student of firearms, and as such am always learning.

    I though I should finish this as I had only started earlier and hit the wrong key, my computer knowledge is constant ojt.

    Thank you.
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    May 2, 2009
    Welcome! I live down the road in C.R.R.