NEVER allow THIS to happen here! SUPPORT THE 2ND AMENDMENT!!!

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    Feb 26, 2012
    I JUST received this email from the TW Chambers company in the UK, and feel it is my duty to post it for all here in the "land of the free" to see what happens when government gets out from under the control of the people. Don't ever think that it couldn't happen here. The responsibility to make sure that it does not falls on each and every one of us. PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!

    [​IMG] Chambers Gunmakers

    The Royal Mail are proposing changes to ban the posting of firearms, air guns and component parts. This will affect all of our customers if these proposals go through and may result in the closure of T W Chambers and many other UK based gun shops as there is no other alternative service to ship your orders.
    Please see the Royal Mail link below and respond to it before the 17th Sept 2012. As customers who rely on the Royal Mail to ship your orders to you, then you would be entitled to respond to these proposals. Overseas customers please also respond.
    Please email your responses to and cc it also to

    Link to Royal Mail proposals,

    Thank You.

    T W Chambers & Co