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    Nov 24, 2007
    I found some tracks in the snow in Western Washington in a managed forest at about 650 ft. The tracks looked like cat tracks, domestic cat size or slightly larger. The pads were very round in shape. There was a pile of dung right in the middle of the road (logging road gated) that was fresh (that morning because it was on top of the snow). As I followed the tracks up the road to 1000 ft, there was a second pile in the middle of the road but it was covered with snow so was yesterday or earlier. The feces was really dark, almost black. I could not see bones in it.

    Was this a Bobcat as I suspect? Is this a male because of the monuments he leaves in the middle of the road? I suspect a young male.

    Photos were taken with a Panasonic camera, not a cell phone, but it is not good at close ups.

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    Mar 31, 2009
    Small male most likely. Not surprising you saw them on a road either. The "bobble"cat isn't too keen on getting his paws roughed up if he doesn't have to... Even though they'll pounce into a furnace if there's prey in there.