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  1. msolocam

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    Nov 24, 2008
    hey guys,
    i have been a lurker for quite some time and appreciate all the advice on this site, thanks!

    so here is what i got going. i want to build a LIGHT weight rifle that will do it all. from antelope to moose, geared toward my dall sheep hunt next fall. kinda leaning toward the 300wsm. this is all very new to me and thought this would be the best place to ask for advice.

    thinking of a model 7 short action? will this be light enough? or are there lighter or maybe not lighter but a better choice?

    thinking of the lonewolf summit xl stock, pretty sure that is what i was looking at. maybe others are recommeded?

    now the barrel is where i got the real thoughts were a #3 fluted hart. can i get a lighter contour and still flute it? at what point am i going to be scarificing accuarcy? what about length and twist for a 180 grain bullet? any other recommendations???

    so many things to think about!!

    will probably be selling my .338RUM XCR to fund a portion of this build.

    thanks in advance guys!!!

  2. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004

    The mod 7 is a great little action and saves another 1/2 inch over the standard
    short action rem allowing an even shorter carry rifle.

    It will also take all of the WSM's in the mag.

    For moose the 325 WSM would be the best choice.

    For Dall Sheep the 7 WSM would be the best because of trajectory and bullet

    I would chose the 7 WSM for both because of the range of both animals ( Long
    range for sheep and close range for moose ) and the range of bullet weight's.

    With the short actions you are somewhat limited to the WSM,s unless you want
    to load single shot ( Like a 30/338 ) length .


  3. msolocam

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    Nov 24, 2008
    thanks for the advise je custom! i am going to look into that 7 round. appreciate the feedback.