Need help on re barrel of Rem 700

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  1. runshort

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    Feb 24, 2008
    We picked up a used Rem 700 BDL some time back with the intent to re barrel it some time in the future. Well the other day we decided we would like to have a .280 Rem. We have looked at several smiths in our area and found that there prices seem to very quite a bit. Could someone explain what all work is involved in blue printing an action because we would like to become more familar with that.
    The rifle will be used for whitetail and mule deer hunting, One smith recommended going with a 24" #4 or #5 contour barrel and I beleive it was a Krieger or a Lilja. Also I know gunsmithing prices vary in different parts of the country but what would be a reasonable price for this type of work. Thanks in advance for any comments.
  2. Ridge Runner

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    Dec 13, 2002
    last I checked around 250.00 to fit and chamber, around 150 to accurise a 700 action, I know they single point cut the threads, square the reciever face, square the bolt face, true the bearing surfaces of the lugs, really helps with accuracy when done right.