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    Sep 9, 2012
    Model 21 MTV in .223 Rem. with Older 1/14 twist. I am using Hornady 55 gr V-max rounds. The scope is Bushnell 6500 elite 2.5/16 w/duplex reticle mounted to lapped Talley bases and rings. For the lapping I used the Wheeler unit in 30mm. Made the butt spacers and lens caps myself. The spacers are phenolic and the caps are of ABS plastic. The white stripes are of vulcanized blade handle spacers... I make blades too!! Blade are yet anouther hobby...:rolleyes: The caps are pretty cool!! they slide on kinda snug and held in place with light friction and vaccuum. The fit is a slip and there is a small hole in the cap ends that allow for air to pass... Also there is a baffle on the inside of the caps to deflect water and grit from the lenses that may be pulled in from the removal of the caps. I will take pics of the caps if you want.

    Now I just need a cheek raiser... Looking at this one...

    short stock and strait low comb... getting it dialed in though!! Very pleased with this rifle!!

    Now for P dog towne in Kansas!!