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    Not a monster by any means but I know how much I enjoy looking at other photos, so I'll post mine.

    I'm sitting in my tower blind watching over my ridge. I have a corn pile set up right at 600yds to pick off some does....I had 3 doe tags. My ridge extends to about 750yds but the way it lays I can only get to about 600yds with a backstop. Otherwise if I shoot high my bullet goes directly into a road and maybe a few houses. So I'm sitting there, it's a light drizzle, about 40deg. and fog starts to roll in. I'm watching my corn pile through my NightForce and within two minutes I can't even see 200 yds in front of me. There goes my long range hopes, oh well. I have about 3 other corn piles w/in about 150 yds of me so I decide just to watch them. 5:30 out walks a deer at my 1 o'clock, just out of my optical ability to discern what sex it is. Luckily for me he has a bee-line right to me. The wind is good, at my face, fog is getting thicker, the deer sticks it's nose up to sniff the moist's a buck I tell myself. He takes a few steps closer and reveals his dark rack. So I check to make sure my dial was back on Zero, not 600yds, check him over with my zeiss binocs, fog is getting thicker, I can see some descent tines, do I shoot or do I let him walk. He stops right at 130yds and turns broadside, qtrs away and I let him have it right behind his lower shoulder. He jumps, rolls, gets about 20yds and goes down. Wooohoooo. Now I just have to see how big(little) he is. I couldn't see much through the fog, but he looked decent enough. Well I give him about 30 mins, till right at dark. Head over to check him out, this is what I come up with.

    Image of Scott's 07 Buck 2 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Image of Scott's 07 Buck 1 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    He turned out to be a so-so buck. Main frame 9 with two small kickers that would make him an 11. He's only about 13" wide, but for as young as he is he already had some decent tine length. I just wish now I would have let him walk. Oh well I'm sure his daddy and perhaps a few brothers are still running around out there.

    Gun Specs:
    300 RUM Rem 700bdlss
    NF NXS 5.5x22x50
    220gr SMK over 91grs of H-1000 @2900fps
    Loaded to 3.75OAL
    Shoots b/n .5 and .75 moa

    Have a few more doe tags I plan on filling at long range. I'll post some more pics of them if I'm fortunate enough.
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    Nice Buck and photos