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    Jul 21, 2011
    McMillian Stocks - Ready To Ship. Large selection in our inventory. REM and Stiller inlets McMillan A-2, McMillan A-3, McMillan A-5, McMillan HTG (M40A1). Ready to go.

    Im wanting to get a new stock for one of my 223 rifles, by as i live in New Zealand people seem to think im rich and everything involving guns is stupidly expensive compared to the US, so i've decided to make my own.

    What exactly does the action of a rifle attach to on a Mc Millian stock? Does it just bolt straight through on the fiberglass stock with no aluminium or anything similar?

    Also could some people with McMillian or HS Precision stocks please post me some pictures of the action/ bedding part of thier stocks, as Im not entirely sure how to do the action part.

    Any pictures or info would be much appreciated.
    Thanks heaps
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