Maybe the little ones are the ones to shoot.

Discussion in 'Wolf Hunting' started by royinidaho, Feb 19, 2012.

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    Jan 20, 2004
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    Roy, you come up with some of the most interesting "woof" articles of anyone I know. But I think I have to agree with the idea that the predatory edge wears off after mid-life. I know mine has, but I've augmented that edge with a long range boomer that will help dramatically if I can ever find some of the critters. I may shoot a big one first though. Any others will definitely be smaller. The more the merrier..........


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    Jan 28, 2011
    I saw a picture of a dead female and about a dozen pups from back when poisoning dens was legal. He's right, the younger you get them the more effectively it helps the elk population.
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    Now that they've been introduced and given a big head start on us; I believe it's gonna take all the tools to keep them in check. If these tools are legal or not will become the question at some point.

    Keeping coyotes in check in livestock areas has included trapping, poisoning, snaring, cyanide capsules (getters), denning, dogging, arial gunning, bounties, hunting (both day and night), and regulations allowing "kill any way possible and shoot on site". Often, the people who are employed to excercise these tactics are doing all the above (at one time or another) on the same ranch or group of ranch/farms. These things have been used on coyotes for decades now. Even with those measures in place, coyotes have thrived and expanded their territories to now span from coast to coast.

    I see absolutely no reason that the wolves will be any different. They're not much more than a big, brave, aggressive, tenacious coyote with a similar social structure and biological make up, and perhaps a little more pack oriented.
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    I agree and after about 150 + days in the last 3 seasons, they are hard to catch up with. I have tracked them for multiple days. A guy shot a yearling in front of me 3 yrs. back[ MT 1st season] and I got info 5 minutes later. They where at about 6500 ' and howling, but kept to timber, I was hoping for a long bomb shot. They had just killed DEER , and they walked in and killed at kill. Poetic justic
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    I like it. Kill off the yearlings and let the old ones starve out.