Mak Tube Gun 308, 223, WSM switch barrel

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    Feb 14, 2008
    Ok my horrible rifle a.d.d. is getting the best of me and i have found something i have wanted for awhile and i can't afford to have it all. so if it sells i will be taking this off the market.
    I have a mak tube gun with a blueprinted/trued rem 700 epoxied has 223, 308, and a WSM bolts all with threaded knobs. Along with 22" rem varmint contour 8 twist krieger threaded (1/2x28) barrel, 22" 308 10 twist broughton also threaded (5/8x24) with thread protector. with a vise and action wrench you can go from 223 to 308 in 10minutes or less. both barrels have around 1000rds through them and shoot quite well and have a ton of life left in them. rear stock is a magpul prs, shilen trigger, ergo grip.
    also included is a extra 0moa rail (currently 20moa on it), f class adapter for forend, black hawk stock pack, one 10rd aics mag.
    It is painted by yours truly in custom krylon camo paint, this rifle has been used in a few matches and isn't perfect cosmetically but functions flawlessly
    Price is $2150/obo shipped only trade would be for a sako trg 22 or schmidt and bender mil/mil.
    If you were to assemble this new it would cost alot more.
    Mak $750
    magpul prs $225
    grip $50
    Action $400
    truing $150
    bolt knobs $70/ea. x3
    extra bolt $175/ea x2
    Barrels $650/ea. x2
    stock pack $30
    extra rail $50
    f class adap $30
    handstop $40
    tis sling $60
    it is pictured with my 6x47 lapua barrel on it which is not included.
    basic pics
    Pic of 223, wsm extra bolts, forend adapter and 223 (on bottom) and 308 barrel (on top)