M77vt .204 accurizing

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  1. bolski

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    Jan 16, 2013
    m77 VT .204. Ive started some loads for this new rifle and I was wondering what I should do as far as the screws to help this rifle acheive its max performance. Heard theres a way to do it just not real sure. Im shooting about .491 group(5shot). 27.5 gr Imr 4895 with 32 gr BK. Any tips or tricks appreciated. gun)gun)gun)
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    May 9, 2011
    This does not pertain to the .204, But I have one of these Ruger VT's in .223, and have not done anything to it. It came from the factory with the trigger set at 2.5 lbs. and the barrel free floated. I have been shooting this for 12 years, and the average for 5 shots is .34 at 100 yds. Have never had the action out of the stock. You might be able to fine tune your load a little more and there might be some tricks that could help, but I am not aware. I use LC brass manufactured by WW in the early 90's, Hodgdon 335 Powder, CCI 450 Primers, 40 Gr. VX's. Nosler Ballistic Tips shoot a little finer, but not enough for cost difference. I clean every 30 rounds. I got this brass for $22.00 a thousand, and look at the price now, [outrageous]. I have 8400 bullets for this rifle, and 30 lbs. of powder, and the primers, and 2000 pieces of extra brass. Barrel will probably go before i run out of product. I also keep 1100 rds. loaded in case I get into a Prairie Dog, or Sage Rat attack. Maybe some accuracy guys can help. Best of luck to you.