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    This may have already been posted but I though it needed to be just in case it hasn't.

    When looking for quality mounting systems for scopes it can be tough depending
    on the type of receiver and use.

    On a tip from a fellow member (Autorotate) I ended a long search for a 15 MOA base
    for a Weatherby MK5 when I got in touch with Richard Near of Near manufacturing.

    Giving him the type and size of the scope to be used on the 15 MOA base he recommended
    the Alphamount and after receiving it I understood why, It is a one piece ring setup that is
    bored through all of the rings at the same time for trueness. (No reason to lap these rings).

    The bases recommended were the Pro Lugs and as the name implies they have recoil
    lugs that fit into the port to prevent any chance of shearing the #6 mounting screws.
    The fit was perfect and The base snapped in place and the screw holes were lined up

    I can not say enough about the quality of his product, and I try never to say anything
    is the ultimate, but these rings and bases are second to none.

    To access his web site log on at = www.nearmfg.com And see for yourself.

    Weatherby MK5s are hard to find some parts for and I received the rings and bases 5 days
    after ordering them.

    This is a great product

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    His products have been discussed before and his stuff is first class all the way.:)