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    Oct 23, 2011
    [​IMG] I am contemplating building a light weight rifle for high desert Coues Whitetail, Sonoran Muleys, Desert Bighorn etc. To help buck the wind and carry downrange energy, I am looking at a 7mm of some configuration. I told a Coues guide I was leaning toward the 280 Ackley, He said he had a .284 Win on a long action that he swears by. Can anyone lend any advice, pros, cons, suggestions or NO-DON"T DO THAT's for me. I.ve narrowed the list to (140 gr bullets)
    I understand Nosler has brought the 280 Ack out of the closet and standardized it. I'm looking at the Gibbs or the WSM for the sheer velocity. The STW burns way too much more powder for only another 100fps. I still have a couple years before I will put this baby to the test, but I would appreciate any and all info anyone could provide. Thanx Curtis

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    Jan 31, 2008
    I think they are all good choices and I dont think one will serve you better than the other.

    Here is my suggestion email Kirby Allen and ask his opnion. Im sure there are other rifle smith/hunters out there. But for some reason I remember him posting about a hunt out that way. He could make suggestions based on brass life vs powder consumption over cost etc.

    I also suggest what ever rifle smith you pick you get your build started asap. If you factor in build time, load work up and practice 2 years is a very short amount of time.


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    Jan 10, 2012
    I recently did a build using a remington 700 action,the caliber is 6.5x.284.I used a long action so the extended rounds(140 Bergers) would work properly in the magazine.Used a Krieger barrell,Jewell trigger,had the action trued/blueprinted,etc.This gun is a tack driver at longer ranges and a pleasure to shoot.One of my favorites is a 300 win.mag.,but 6.5x.284 is one of the sweetest shooting,most accurate shooting rifles i've ever shot.Check it out on this site and the web,its also very capable at taking all sorts of game at impressive distances.Just my humble opinion,though.
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    Apr 18, 2010
    If you're set on 140gr bullets, go with one of the many great 6.5's. ...unless you're talking all copper or guilded metal which presents a different set of conditions.

    Otherwise, use the 168's for a 7mm to do better in the wind.

    Make sure you have the right twist for the bullet you choose.

    You should also consider the 7RM and 7RSAUM. But, any of the ones you've listed will get the job done although there's no free lunch. The big cases will burn barrels faster for the most part.

    -- richard
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    Mar 23, 2005
    For a lightweight /mountain/ sheep rifle I would suggest a 7RSAUM. Keep it in a short action with an extended mag box. You start with a more compact action. Keep the barrel to a #4 or 5 24". You'll have a compact, package with great balance, and all the performance of the 280AI. Put it in a Manners MCS-t. Run the 160 accubond or168 Berger.

    For a long action, I suggest the 7-300WSM. 180 Bergers at 3000fps.

    The long action and big bullets give you a couple hundred yards of extra reach. Either way 1000 yards will be comfortable.

    If you want to run 140 bullets step down to a 260 or similar 6.5.
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    Feb 27, 2006
    a 140 berger or balistic tip is a good choice for the coues and desert bighorn. for muleys i would use an accubond. get a 7wsm or a 7 rem mag. how often are you going to hunt bighorn? every year? it is hard to get drawn and pretty expensive to just get a tag. also the sonoran muley hunts are nice but a little pricey also. what ever you get; i would use a krieger barrel.
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    Jul 11, 2009
    I'm in the process of building a rifle for coues hunting as well. I gave up on building an ultra light rifle because of the consistincy required to shoot good groups so now I have a target weight between 8-9lbs. Here is a list of what I'm using.

    Stiller Predator short action
    Krieger # 5 fluted 24",or Schneider poly #5 fluted 24" (Arizona Co.) (1:9 twist in both)
    Seekins WSM DBM (bottom metal) allows 3.14 OAL
    McMillan HTG or A-3 (2lbs) with Edge Tech.
    Jewell 1lb trigger

    I'm going to have the barrel chambered in 7mm SAUM which has a very similar powder capasity to the .280 AI, but I'm able to use a short action. I will be shooting the 168 or 180 Bergers.

    Hope that helps
  8. Forester

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    Mar 23, 2008
    When I decided to build a lightweight I knew I wanted a commonly available caliber in case it went on an out of state hunt and my ammo didn't make it for any reason. Since 7RM can be had at pretty much any backwater bait shop in the world I went that route.

    Build looks like this:

    Savage Long action. T&T by SSS
    SSS trigger
    Benchmark Barrel (Very Impressed)
    McMillan Hunters Edge Ultralight Stock
    DNZ products one piece base/rings
    Nikon Monarch 3-12x40mm w/ Nikons BDC reticle.
    Finish is a heavy bead blast to knock the shine off and be easy to maintain.

    The whole outfit weighs in at 8lbs on the nose.

    I load 140gr Accubonds at a very comfortable 3000fps, they match up beautifully with the reticle at that speed and shoot half minute with almost boring regularity. I built this gun with under 500 yard hunting in mind and for that it is outstanding. For long range stuff I use a different toy.