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    May 12, 2012
    I was hunting elk up in Montana a few years ago over by the Dillon area, my partner had gotten into a few the evening before and couldn't get a shot, so we went back in before daylight and hunted the area hard all day long. I grew up in Montana, but now reside in Nevada and was almost out of time for hunting for the year, we all had general deer/elk combo tags, while looking for elk, we scared up a few small mulie bucks. I figured I wanted some meat for the freezer and I knew I wasn't going to be able to make it back up again before the end of the season. I had my 30/06 that I always carry, but we had spooked the deer out of some thick timber and I could not get a shot. The deer ran out of the dense timber we were in and out into some open sage brush area...kind of paralell to where we had parked the truck on an old forest service two-track (not much of a road, but a road.) I thought to myself, this might work out quite nicely! The Barrett was in the truck! We hiked back through the timber and too the truck, the deer had posted up at about 650 yards. I dialed the scope for 650 (at the time I was running the Leupy 8.5x25x50 with BORS. Got set up and waited...The little buck I had picked out was standing shoulder to shoulder with another deer, so after what seemed like an eternity they cleared eachother and I squeezed the trigger, as soon as the shot broke, I lost my sight picture with the recoil of the rifle I looked behind me to my cousins who were spotting for me and I will never forget this, my cousin Chris had jumped about 3 feet in the air and yelled "You Got That Sombitch" Lol, We all did a little celebrating and went down to take care of the animal, caught him in the throat...damn near decapitated him, he had been facing down hill when I took the shot, he was now on his side facing up hill...he damn near did a back flip. I couldn't have asked for better shot placement, didn't tear up any meat, there was no real entrance or exit wound, it just pretty much removed his throat. Here are a few pics.