Leupold LR scope elevation adjustment

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    May 27, 2005
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    From what I've read online, it seems that most scopes have 60 MOA of total elevation adjustment, with some long range scopes having significantly more (Leupold Mk4, Nightforce NXS, SWFA Super Sniper.)

    I have a Leupold 6.5-20x40 LR with the 30mm tube mounted on my Rem 700 VLS .22-250. It's mounted with standard Leupold bases and medium rings.

    This summer I have extended my groundhog hunting ranges past 600 yards, and have taken shots out to about 730 yards. My problem is that I run out of elevation adjustment completely at around 650 yards. At this distance there are about 53 clicks in the scope, or 13.25 MOA. Now if my scope was a standard scope I would expect to have around 30 minutes of adustment, but I was under the impression that the long range series with the 30mm tubes had more adjustment than most.

    Is it possible that my rings and bases are misaligned enough that the rest of my adjustment is used up just sighting in? Or could there be a problem with my scope that I don't have as much adjustment as I should.

    I know I could get the offset Burris rings or shim the base, but I am just wanting to know if this situation is typical or not.

    Thank you.

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    Jul 8, 2003
    With a factory rifle and mounts, nothing is standard!

    if you want to know how much ele you have, dial the scope top to bottom and count revolutons of the dial.

    when tolerances stack in the wrong direction, this is what happens.

    You can get a farrel 20MOA base and burris sig zee rings for 80$ and take care of the problem


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    Apr 1, 2004
    I would say that if you have a leupold base or certain others then get Burris Sig Rings. You can get the inserts and put a +20 on the bottom and a -20 on the top of the back ring. Then on the front do the opposite. A -20 on the bottom and a +20 on the top. This will give you 40 moa without putting torque on the scope tube.

    A cheaper solution to the canted base system and it is just as solid in my opinon. That is what I did about 4 months ago and it hasn't let me down yet.