Ladder and/or OCW Assistance

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    Jan 20, 2004
    Have 3 rifles to tune. The third one will be short barrel life firearm thus want to learn on the other two minimize rounds through the third.

    Figured I'd do a Ladder test on the 243 to get narrow the options. Then OCW to get a load that would be consistent with all of the variables that naturally occur (SD, ES, Temperature, etc)

    First attempt was a miserable failure. Chose wrong powder as the "books" were way off on max load. Thus found nodes that were way down in "expected" velocity.

    Switched powder from RL-22 to H-4831. Fired several through the chrono to get an idea of velocity/pressure. With this information how would I go about selecting 3 or 4 loads for an OCW without doing a 10 or 20 shot ladder test?

    Going to have good weather for the next couple of days and want to get with the program. Any assistance would be appreciated.