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    Jul 12, 2012
    I have been lurking for a while on here and have read tons of great information. I am not sure if this is the correct section to post about this but here we go.

    I just bought a remington 700 sps stainless in the remington 7mm ultra mag. I have a nikon monarch 4-16x42 sf bdc I am putting on it and am thinking of a different stock (not sure which one yet, suggestions would be appreciated) and a muzzle break. I have never really been into the long range shooting thing because it seemed too technical for me. I don't know exactly what ranges I will be shooting at but I want to know if I am in a hunting situation and a 500yard shot presents it's self I can make the shot. Any thoughts or suggestions in my set up would be appreciated. With that said, I also have a remington 700 sps varmint in a 300 wsm and a browning a-bolt medallion in a 300 win mag. I went with the 7mm ultra because the 300 wsm I have is a heavy varmint barrell and deadly accurate but very heavy to be packing around and the browning (as crazy as this seems) is just too nice of a gun to bring into the country I am hunting. I am considering the Remington scirocco bonded 150 grain for the 7mm ultra. I always thought the ultra mags were way too much for what I wanted to do, but after all the reading I have done that is not the case. I have a mule deer hunt this year in Presidio Texas and 300+ yard shots are expected. I know to many of you this is a drop in the bucket, but to me that is reaching for it so I plan on quite a bit of practice and getting to know the gun before I head out.

    I know I crammed a lot of info and questions into this post, but will appreciate any and all information and opinions. I have looked a bunch of different sites, but I have always came back to this one, seems like a great bunch here and a ton of helpful information.