Just bought a .25-06 Now for the bullet

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  1. jayph

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    Jun 7, 2008
    I have no idea where to start I never figured I would own a 25-06 but a good deal on a nice gun came along and now I own one. Its gonna be used for everything from antelope to both whitetail and mule deer. What is a good bullet to start with. I see that berger's 115 VLD with its high BC blows everything out of the water but am unsure of the twist rate of the rifle. There are a ton of bullets out there what are you other .25-06 guys using. TSX, Partition, Accubond, BTSP, SP, SST, among others?

    Anybody know the twist rate in a older model 700 it has the BDL stock but a heavy barrel? I belive a 1975 model but has less than 120 rounds fired.
  2. johnnyk

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    Dec 24, 2001
    You lucky dog! I owned a rifle like that once but in .22-250. I had to float the barrel and adjust the trigger but it shot lights out after that. Those little Remy's are nice.
    I have a .25-06 Sendero now and it loves the 100gn Ballistic Tips and the 100gn TSX (3200fps). My rifle puts these in the same hole. I have also shot the 110gn AccuBond and the 115gn Ballistic Tips and Bergers. They usually run about 3000-3100fps and anywhere from .3-.4". I haven't taken any deer with the later three but the first two bullets are absolutely deadly.
    Pretty sure you'll have a 1-10 twist in that Remington. Good luck. Try RL22 if you have any. JohnnyK.