Just bought 600 Accubond LR's

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    Feb 2, 2009
    Just got in to sportsman's warehouse today and bam, there they were. 150 gn 7mm accubond LR's. wanting the 168's for my wife's new 280 ackley I was hesitant. So I jumped all in anyway and bought them to give them a try. If they dont work out or I don't like them they might be up for sale. I just might not like how light they are. we tend to shoot elk out to a long ways. if it comes to that I might just let her shoot my 300 dakota with a 230 gn. OTM.

    I have h4831sc and going to start with 60 grains with F210M primers. I have H1000 and Retumbo. any help on load data would be great.

    thanks I will post data as is get it. I don't shoot over a chrono until last stage of Load development I just do 200, 500 then 800 yard groups. when load is grouping good at 800 i will chrono to see if same as physical data.