Just blame it on the hogs....

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    Feb 7, 2005
    WEll two weeks ago this past Saturday night, I wasn't sure if I would even be able to walk much less get back to work or into the woods anytime soon. Something came unhinged in my lower back while I was in the underbrush after a wounded bruiser of a hog. All came out well as I didn't get eat up. I have however had a pretty rough time of it the last two weeks. I was only able to take one day off from work and the rest has been pretty rough to say the least.

    However, I had to make it up to the country for Christmas with my grandson. So after a long painful two weeks of overtime and worry that we would be working through the weekend, we hit the road. When we got to my friend place Friday evening to pick up one of the grandkids presents, the hogs were doin their thing about 300 or so yds out from the barn. WEll being it was dark we decided to wait till Saturday to work on them. So bright and early the grandson and me got back down there and found my friend working with his 300 RUM. We got things tuned in with some 210gr Bergers which make some really knarly holes in out plate at 500yds. as you can see below.

    WEll while we were checking groups down range the Grandson was getting in on the action as well, here are a couple shots of him,


    After all was said and done the grandson and I, headed out to the woods in search of a hog to shoot with one of the Wildcat 25 cal 130gr bullets. I have had them loaded for quite a while, but have had trouble getting my rifle away from my daughter long enough to try them out. WEll I can say this, if you had any doubt that they would expand at velocities reached by a standard 25/06, rest assured, they will. THe kid and me come up on a pack of about 10 or so hog weighing around 60 - 80# back in the woods. The shot was a close one of about 70 yds. I could only see from about the mid ribs up on the one I picked out as a boar. At the shot, it flipped it over totally backwards. To say I was impressed was an under statement. Still it took a follow up shot to finish it for keeps, but it was not going anywhere at all. The bullet entered the right front shoulder point on. I aimed there intentially as I was asked to get details. Well the exit looked initially like a 4 - 6" long gap raking along the offside ribs about 2" wide. However when I reached down and grabbed the hair for a closer look is when I saw the real exit. The bullet blew out about a 6-9" hole and everything that was inside went with it.The hair and hide that was still attached was no more than a tupea covering the hole. I would have loved to have gored it up with some really good pics but we ran off and left the camera back at the barn. I can say this I am looking forward to trying a few more out soon on some with a better angle to see how they will do under slightly less stressful conditions.

    Now for the kicker, the friends UM was sent out to Kirby for a brake a while back. It makes those big 210gr pills a lot easier to swallow. So yesterday we came back by on our way home and found some more hogs to shoot at. These however were fighting out about 1K yds. I had to give it a shot. I set up, then thought, hell I don't know the hold. So down the side of the levee I run to the truck and get my pc. I look up the clicks and find that it is going to be 80. Well I think, hell I ain't going to crank on this thing that long so I change the data up to get inches of drop. Now I got it, so I bear down. Two of them are in line with each other makeing a long hog target. I squeeze the trigger and at the break, I immediately know what I forgot, "earplugs". LOL Now the shot which I see hit right between the two hogs was good , only they had turned and the bullet hit right in between them. Of course the jig was up and needless to say I wasn't going to try another one. LOL The sad part was, about the time I stood up a pack of about 40 or so comes running across the pasture out only about 200 yds. I just laughed and picked up the geaqr and headed home. I can say this, those breaks make all the difference in the world, but you only forget those earmuffs or plugs once.

    Hope you all had as great of a Christmas as we did and have a safe and happy New Year.