Info on DPMS LR .260cal?

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  1. TacticalHits

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    Dec 6, 2007
    I am looking into a long range semi-auto rifle and really like the Panther Arms .260cal long range rifle. My cousin has the same rifle in .308 and it shoots very well! Is the .260 a good long range caliber? I am planing on reloading so I can use high bc bullets. I also would be able to do a few factory add-ons to this gun when I ordered it. What is the actual target distance a .260 will shot? Thanks Nathan,gun)

    Here is the info on it.

    24" Length
    416 Stainless steel bull barrel
    6 grooves, right-hand 1x7.5 twist, button rifled
    .260 Remington
    Method of Operation:
    Gas operated rotating bolt
    Bolt & Carrier:
    8620 steel bolt carrier, heat treated and plated per Mil Spec
    Phosphated steel bolt, heat treated and plated per Mil Spec
    None (mounting optics only)
    Empty - 11.3 lbs.
    Upper Receiver:
    A3 style flattop
    Thick walled, extruded from 6066-T6 aluminum
    Hard coat anodized per Mil Spec and Teflon coated black
    Dust cover
    Shell deflector and forward assist machined as one unit
    Right hand ejection
    Lower Receiver:
    Milled from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aluminum
    Hard coat anodized per Mil Spec and Teflon coated black
    integral trigger guard
    Aluminum magazine release button
    Standard AR-15 trigger group
    Standard A2 Black Zytel Mil Spec w/trap door assembly
    Standard length ribbed free float tube.

    Each Rifle comes with 2 - 19 round magazines, 1-Nylon Web Sling, and 1-Cleaning Kit

    If you have one or know anything about these it would be very helpful!
  2. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    I have shot the same weapon in 308 and was impressed with it , it functioned well and was verry accurate for an out of the box gas gun. as for the 260 i shoot on in a custom bolt gun and ballisticaly it beats the hell out of the 308. I shoot 140gr Bergers out of mine at close to 2900fps and its giving close to the same drop and windage as a 300 win mag with 190gr Sierra Match Kings with less recoil than the 308 !! On targets i would say it will make a 1500 yd gun and i killed a deer this year with it at 944yds and would not think twice about shooting one at 1200.

    I would certainly get a new butstock for it , the Magpull sniper unit is very nice. If your gonna reload for it (which is pretty much a must do to get all the good out of the 260) I would get either an adjustable gas block or an adjustable gas tube , they are cheap and make a huge differance when tayloring handloads

  3. teddy12b

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    Dec 18, 2007
    For what it's worth I've read great reviews on the DPMS 308's on and I'm considering buying a LR-308B with the 18" barrel. I like the shorter overal length with that barrel and it'll still shoot as far as I would ever want to.

    The 260 looks like a really great round on paper.