hunting ky. in 2011

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    Jun 12, 2010
    was one bad year for deer season for me hereat home. out of 86 hunting deer outings i saw a whopping total of 9 deer, that is id the two groups of 3 does i saw was'nt the same group.. never have i been so upset and disturbed over this .. a couple --three factors could be the problem 1. heat.........the whole hunting season here was extremely warm ,putting the deer to moving in the cool of night and since it was a daily thing(heat) i think they got in a habit of stirring at night,,,or #2 since the area myself and arround 6 or 7 more hunt this land the guys own,,they are bad to run people out of the area both through der season and during summer as they ride their atvs on the back trails in. so the owner cut trees across the roads ,put cables up,has threatened to take warrants and all kinds of crap but there is plenty land for everyone to hunt ans still not see each other at all..just plain selfishness of the landowners . they have caused me to lose friends over the matter and i am only a transplant in the matter because my wifes father is the cousin of the landowner and thats the only reason i get to hunt there.. anyways,(sorry for blowing of steam) we have been finding dead does allover the place,perfect heart shots ,no meat gone just laeving them i figure the mad crew have been taking out the does knowing the bucks won't stay if no girls arround the bucks will ravel to their ajoining farms ,,or #3 ,,maybe coyotes and bears have run them off..i don't know the deal but through ,rifle and muzzleloading seasons i did.nt here but maybe 10 shots and very few were close.. sorry to bore y'all with this but i have no hunting tales to share but i wanted to share my season............better luck next year i guess
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    Jan 6, 2011
    I would quit hunting there. I would find a new place to go. If people are shooting does and leaveing them lay. I would call the Law that is total B.S.