HOWA bolt face? and rechambering suggestions wanted

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    Jan 31, 2008
    Well my budy has a HOWA in 223 that has seen better days. We were discusing rebarreling and the issue of bolt face came up. I know that it pretty common to have the bolt face of your rem 700 opened up to a larger spec but I had no idea about the HOWA.

    So with that said what are his options? Can the bolt face of a HOWA, chambered in 223 be opned up? If so what are some other chambering options that you guys might consider?

    Intended use would be light deer rifle, target shooting and little critters. I would make the assumtion knowing the shooter that we could say everything would be well inside 400 yards. Deer in these parts can go upwards of 300 on the hoof with the avarage being arounf 160 for does and 230 for bucks.

    Just looking for options for him