How much more accurate will my gun be if ......?

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    I see this question a lot mostly along the lines of "how much more accurate will be rifle be if I have the stock bedded?" Or if I have the action trued? Or if I have the muzzle recrowned? You get the idea.

    I would like to emphasize to people that nobody can give a definitive answer to any of these questions. If a bone stock factory rifle shoots 1 MOA, performing any one of these "accuracy enhancing" improvements won't necessarily make that rifle shoot any better. What they do accomplish however is most likely make that rifle more consistent, especially with a very good bedding job. But even the best gunsmith can't say for certain that recrowning a barrel will net a person 0.05 MOA so that rifle will then become a 0.95 MOA rifle. There are just too many variables in the entire rifle and the crown might not be a limiting factor.

    This is the reason that actions are trued, high quality barrels are precision fit to the action, match grade chambers are cut, stress free bedding is done, etc. All of this minimizes the negative variables, but still doesn't eliminate two of the most important variables of all, the ammo and the shooter.

    Sorry for a short little rant. This has just been something I have been noticing lately and that people have asked me recently.


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    I like your rant

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    +3 Ain't no black magic or voodoo to it.