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  1. locotrician

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    Sep 19, 2007
    I am torn between two stocks right now the first is the Mcmillan A5 and the other is a Manners MCS T4-A...both would have an adjustable cheekpeice and buttpad/ spacer system installed at the questions are does anyone shoot the Manners and how do you like it ?...secondly does anyone know the actual "build" time of either of theese two , i hear it take a very long time to get the mcmillan and i know the mcmillan has the reputation and probably is the best you can buy...but from what i can tell the manners is also a great stock and if i can get it months sooner i may just go with the manners ...price is nearly the same as far as i know.....comments or suggestions on anything including other manufacturers i any not be aware of are appreciated
  2. adam32

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    Nov 14, 2007
    McMillans are out about 5 months, Manners about 2 months. I'm probably going to use the MCS-T on my .243 AI project. From what I've read/heard the Manners are just as good if not a little better then the McMillans.

  3. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    McMillan stocks are over rated , over priced and their customer service sucks !!! I've had an A5 ordered for a friend for 17 weeks now , 6 weeks ago I called and asked they acted like they diden't care that they had no record of it , but they cashed the check the day it arrived!!! I'll carve a stock out of a cactus before I buy another McMillan and I'll casterate myself with a spoon before I recomend them to anybody . Their crappy service will eventualy cost them alot of money and god forbid that the goverment drops them

    Now that I got that off my chest , I have heard nothing but good things about Manners , i talked to Terry Croiss about them and he likes them better than McMillan , Manners uses the Terry Cross hardwear in their comb adjustment and its very well made.

    If your not opposed to do the work yourself you can get an A5 Laminated stock from Joel Russo ,I have used several of them and all turned out great , the best part is that you can carve and sand them to fit your hand perfectly. Joel's wait is WAY shorter than McMillan's generaly around 6-8 weeks and his customer service is second to none.

    here is my latest A-5L on my 260 its a brown on brown A5L stock with the Terry Cross hardwear in the adjustable comb , the grip was "contured" to fill my hand better.
  4. jjmp

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    Dec 4, 2007
    competition is a good thing it keeps people and companys on their toes, consumer''s win. Manner's are comming up fast.
    Joel Russo does great stocks.
    regards jjmp