Gunwerks rifles, Huskemaw scopes, and The BOTW

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    Jul 14, 2009
    I am sorta curious about something. I was hoping to get some opinions from you guys on the above listed items. I watch their show nearly every week, but am sorta on the fence about their "system". I'm not necessarily in the market for any of their products, but would be interested maybe someday. I am not what you would call a longrange hunter, but a longrange shooter. I just recently set up one of my big boomers in case I want to try longrange hunting based on opinions from here, and things I have learned in the longrange benchrest shooting world.

    I don't doubt the quality of their rifles, nor do I think they are extrmemely overpriced. I guess my real question is on their optics and BDC turrets. Is it really that simple to just "dial-in" your yardage? I have kept records from all of my 600 and 1000 yd matches. I always shoot the same load, but have seen some pretty significant changes due to just a change in humidity......let alone temperature. I understand that you don't have to shoot a 1.5" group at 600 yds to kill a deer, but at the same time.......I have been off as much as 6-7 inches just because of a jump in humidity. I guess it's also possible that the higher BC of their bullets make them more resistant to these subtle changes. The BC of the bullet I shoot is around 0.532.

    I'm not trying to be a total doubter.....or step on anyone's toes or anything. I'm just hoping to get a better understanding of the gear these guys use. I'm from the school of logic that works up a super accurate load, shoot through a chrony, make a ballistic card, dial in the yardage via MOA turrets....then go try it out. Luckily, we get unlimited sighters (time limit only) before a match!! lol!!
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    May 21, 2008
    I have been very skeptical of the BDC type turrets as well but I've read some posts by some credible members that they work very well. On critical factor is providing the turret makers with very accurate balistic info. another thing to remember is we are talking Minute of Elk or Mule Deer when hunting vs BR target shooting.

    When crunching the numbers at ranges of about 600 yds or so, changes in atmospheric conditions dont affect relatively high BC bullets with relatively high MV's very much, maybe 1-4" depending on total variance. Moving out to 1000 yds these changes will affect drops more significantly but knowing your drop rates for changes of pressure and elevation helps you to compensate fairly accurately. Angle shooting is another fly in the buttermilk. I think some practice would give you a good feel for it. I've decide to get a turret for my plains hunting, antelope and deer and maybe get another for higher elevation mountain hunting and plink around with it.


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    May 2, 2001
    Two ballistics programs I use show less than one inch of predicted additional drop at 1000 yards due to going from 10% to 90% humidity.
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    Jul 14, 2009
    I'm not trying to start an argument.....or claim to know it all.....but my data shows:

    1000yd IBS match: July 11, 2009; 75*F; 23.50-23.25 MOA (zero at 100)
    1000yd IBS match: August 22, 2009; 77*F; 24.25 MOA (zero at 100)

    Both of these were shot at the same range, same in the exact same location. Also, it was the exact same loads from the same rifle. As I said, I don't claim to know everything.....but I just blamed it on the humidity. I remember it was very humid during that match in August.

    I also have some recorded data from a non-sanctioned 600 yd. match......

    July 4, 2009; 75-80*F; 8.75 MOA (zero at 100)
    September 5, 2009; 70-75*F; 9.625-9.75 MOA (zero at 100)

    Again....these were shot on the same 600 yd. range, same benches, same target location, same rifle and loads.

    We also had a match on August 8.....but it looks like I didn't right down my windage and elevation numbers.

    Any ideas?
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    Jan 11, 2006
    I personally do not think that turret adjustments are the best option for hunting. I do not like any system that forces me to take my eye off the target. I pick up the Geovids, judge the animal, range the animal, pick the correct strata line for the target, bang, dead. Yes, I spent the previous two hours of the hunt figuring the wind.

    I did notice that Gunwerks has pre-determined the calibers they will build rifles in. Well I guess that makes load development easy huh? Not really a custom rifle either.

    As for the the change in humidity. I have certainly experienced varying velocities with varying temperatures. I have switched to Hodgdon Extreme Powders in an attempt to combat this problem. H4831 is not the best performing powder in a WBY mag but has proved to be amazingly consistent from 95degree Georgia days to the 10 degree Kansas rifle season.
  6. BryanLitz

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    Mar 8, 2007
    As stated above, humidity can have an effect on powder, and mv, which may affect your poi.

    Another thing to consider is the effects of humidity on the rifle and it's poi. Wood stocks will be affected by humidity, possibly affecting the tension on the action screws. Composite stocks are supposed to be unaffected, and even pillar bedded wooden stocks are also supposed to be unaffected.

    There could be other things (unknown) that humidity affects which result in your observed poi shift. As Len stated, speaking strictly of the external ballistic effect, humidity is very unimportant.

    Take care,
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    Dec 4, 2008
    I use the turrets and have great success with them but they are definetly not an end all. I think as long as they are used with some sort of field chart with corrections for varying conditions.they work great. I carry a laminated chart in my backpack that gives quick reference for adjusting to conditions in some usable increment outside what the turret is set for. When you are talking long range, you usually have time to make corrections so split second dialing in usually isn't critical.....Rich