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    Hi guys,
    I'm 59 y/o and love hunting, especially elk hunting, with a passion. I have been going to Saddle Mountain Unit here for the last five years and have harvested 4 cows in that time. I'm disabled and go in a group of disabled hunters with a few "youngsters" that are able-bodied in order to help pull the downed elk in to the trucks. I have become interested in Long Range Hunting because that sort of becomes me best since I'm not able to walk into the woods. I have been using a .338 Win Mag Ruger SS with the express sights and the horrible attempt at synthetic stocks by Ruger. My kills have all been below 300 yards except for one at about 800 yards. That last shot was taken with my friends .338-.378 customized Weatherby. There are about four of these guns in my group, mine being one of the baby .338's in the group. I've been handloading for years and am now interested in converting my long action Savage 110 in 7mm Rem Mag to the .338 Edge since I think that's a conversion I could afford and could use effectively in my elk hunting. I love the wealth of information on the site and am hopeful I can contribute good discussion.

    I'm originally from Texas and got my first .22 (Sears with detachable magazine) at 11 y/o. I was hooked on guns and shooting even though my Dad and no one else in the family was interested. After that I got a 12 gauge Winchester shotgun and then a Herter's .300 Win Mag. I've been collecting guns since then but have never ventured into the custom arena due to price. Now, having read the wealth of information on your site I'm thinking I could afford to convert my Savage 110 long action into a .338 Edge. I would love to try to convert to a .338 Lapua AI but seeing all the pros and cons (mostly cons it seems) will probably stick with the Edge.
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    Welcome to Long Range Hunting.;)