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    Sep 13, 2007
    Fellows I am looking for a place to go cow elk hunting next year(2011). I would prefer to hunt on private ground. I am a handicapped hunter with limited mobility. I do have a Kawasaki Mule that was modified by some friends for me. I am hoping to have my motor home by next year. So lodging is not really necessary, just a place to park my motor home. I do not want to spend alot of money on this hunt, but I am willing to pay a fair price(don't really know what that is for a cow hunt). So I am starting to look for good ideas right now. Then I figure I will have time to make a decision, and order any permits-or apply for permits if necessary.
    I prefer to hunt with a rifle or a MZ. Not looking for a bow hunt. Anybody have any recommendations?? Or ranches I could contact?? Any good advice or state preference??
    I have hunted and shot elk before in a couple of western states, but that was before my handicap. I would not be able to go back on those hunts again due to physical limitations. So I am basically starting all over.
    I really like elk meat and just want to get back out west and hunt a little. I think a cow elk hunt would be a good way to do this. And have a relatively good chance of success(I hope).

    If rifle hunting, I will be hunting with my heavy barrel 300 magnum. I feel confident enough with this rifle to 500 yards for deer. I would probably switch from my regular 165 grain bullets to the Sierra 200 grain bullet in 30 caliber for elk. But I still think with only taking proper shots(easier with a cow tag) I can be effective to that same distance.

    All comments appreciated. Thanks, Tom.