Changes to 338 AM project, using Joel Russo stock

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    Hey guys, as many of you know, Kirby Allen is building a 338 Allen Mag for me. This rifle will be used for super long range hunting, mostly varmints. It's going to be a heavy rifle, but it will still be portable and be able to shoot off a bi-pod. There has been some changes to this project, due to stock issues, but I think we are finally ready to go.

    I, originally wanted to build this rifle on the McMillan A-5 stock. In the beginning it looked like we were good to go with all parts. However, we came into some problems regarding the stock. McMillan, is building a modified A-5 that will handle the larger actions, like the Lawton M8000 and BAT 10", and larger barrels with diameters up to 1.650, so we thought we were in buisness with the choice of stock. However, it was later discovered, McMillan was only building the stock for the Chey Tac company. This put us in a bind and needless to say I was upset. After finding this out, we were waiting to see if McMillan could inlet the regular A-5 for the Lawton M8000. However, I knew even if McMillan was able to inlet the regular A-5 stock with the big Lawton M8000 action, it would not look right. So, I decided to go with the McMillan BIG MAC 50 stock, it looked to be my only choice for the way I wanted this rifle built. The BIG MAC 50 is an excellent stock, and I think it looks good, however, it does not look nearly as nice as the A-5.

    Well, something great happened, Joel Russo responded to one of my posts, on LRH, indicating he was the one who designed the modified A-5L for McMillan. He informed me he could build the modified A-5L and inlet it for the Lawton M8000 action and a larger barrel, AWESOME! Joel's A-5L stock will handle the larger actions and barrels up to 1.650. The other great thing about this stock, is he can build it with a 3" forend. This stock looks just like an A-5, however, it's larger than a regualr sized A-5. He can build the regular sized A-5, the modified A-5L, and the modified A-5L with 3" forend. I am sure he has some other types of A-5 stocks, I just listed the stocks I knew about. The modified A-5L, with the 3" forend, looks incredible and should track on the bags perfectly. This stock has allowed me to change some componets on the project, so I thought I would post the new specs;

    1. 338 Allen Mag

    2. ACTION-Lawton M8000, 1.600 Diameter.
    Kirby, has already received my action and sent me picks, it looks very very nice. It seemed like it only took about 3 to 4 weeks to get to Kirby. With that type of delivery time and quality of the actions, I will be purchasing many Lawtons in the future.

    3. STOCK-Joel Russo Modified A-5L, with 3" forend, 2 Flush Mount Cups front, and 1 Flush mount cup in rear, Decelorator Pad, possible weight added to rear, COLOR will be Black on Black, it looks really nice.

    4. BARREL-Lilja 32", 1-10 twist, 1.500 for 5" tapered to 1.400 at the muzzle

    5. Jewel 2oz trigger

    6. APS 3 Port muzzle brake

    7. Lawton Base with 40 MOA

    8. Badger or Nightforce 30mm rings, or what ever Kirby pics

    9. Nightforce 5.5x22x56 NXS, with Double Dot Reticle.

    10. Teflone coat Matte Black Action, Bolt, Trigger Guard, Base, Barrel, and Muzzle brake

    11. Weight should be around 25 to 30 pounds, depending on if Joel can add the weight to stock. Heavy, but still light enough to move around.

    The only real changes were to the Stock and Barrel, I just wanted to up date you guys and keep everyone in the loop to what is going on with infomation regarding componets.

    I would also like to take this time to, Once Agian, thank Kirby for his customer service, it has been INCREDIBLE!!. He has kept me informed at all times and has been very helpful. Thanks Kirby!!!

    Also, Joel Russo's customer service, so far, has been excellent too!! He provided me with info and pics at a moments notice. His stocks look real nice and the price is excellent too!! Oh yea, and the completion time is 4 to 5 weeks. Now that's what I am talking about. I am pretty much sick of waiting for 18 to 20 weeks, for a stock. I am looking forward to using his product.

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    You certainly are a cheapskate. Any real long range hunter with a 338 AM would also order a trailer hitch cover. You should be banned from the forum. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif