Canon Electronic Image Stabilizer Binoculars

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    Dec 8, 2002

    That almost says it all. Holy cow are these nice. I got a set of 10x binocs from B&H Photo / Video in NYC. For under $400 this is the nicest optical device I have ever seen. Camera equipment included. I admit, these have EF series glass which if you're a camera buff, you know as the standard line of Canon SLR lenses. Still very nice, just not $2000 each. You operate them by pressing and holding a button on the top of the unit. The focus is centered between the eyepeices and I can't remember using anything that focused as nice as these. As I read reviews from bird-watchers I see that the main complaint people have is about the use of batteries and some people say that they get about 6-8 hours of continous use out of a set. Mine use 2 AA batteries and since Early December, I still have the original batteries in mine. Perhaps other people sit on the stabilizer constantly. I think I use it a lot but perhaps not as much as others.

    When you look though any binoculars, even on a tripod, there is a signifigant amount of shake. If handheld, for long range, it's terrible. Even if you think you're steady, just hit the button on these and you'll see how much you were shaking. The only downside is, now I WILL NOT use anyone elses because after looking through mine, there's just no comparison. As my brother said the first time looking through them, "Wow, it's like they take a picture!"

    As for the weight, I don't know for sure but I'd say At or under 3 Lbs. I hardly notice them inside my coat when it's cold outside. They're not real bulky.

    As of a few months ago I see that Canon now makes an 8x25 set as well. This might sound crazy, but even when hunting at 1100-1400 yds this year, I thought that the 8x25's might have been a better choice. I agree with some others who reviewed these on the web who said that it's as if the power is doubled because the image isn't bouncing around. I also saw people who turned in their astronomical telescopes to get sets of these.

    While at the Super Shoot in Williamsport PA A guy was selling optics of all kinds and has a set of these there to try. I didn't have the money then but I said that I would have them before next season. I compared them to other glasses that cost many thousands of dollars (like >10) and would not have taken them on a bet.

    If you have a photo store nearby, go and try a set. Between these and my new Leica rangefinder, I'd say these were the 2 best purchases I've made in years.

    Overall, there a 10+. Get a set.