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    With my wife and I both working full time, the evening meal with the kids was an exercise in speedy preparation and OK taste. Who cooked depended on who got home first and there has never been any concept of woman’s work versus man’s work in our home except my wife would not let me use her sewing machine and I happen to enjoy mowing the lawn ( a lawn mower is like a gun – it makes a lot of noise and smoke). So I have years and years of practice cooking quick and simple meals.

    We now introduce Bisquick, the wonder box that does everything. It will make biscuits or pancakes if you just follow the instructions on the box.


    Mix Bisquick and milk according to the directions for biscuits. The dough should now be in a round ball. Take a skillet and put some oil in it so the bottom is very well coated. Heat the skillet to medium low over your stove burner. Pull off a piece of dough and pat it into a biscuit shape but make it thinner than for an oven and put it in the skillet. Keep doing this until the skillet is full. Cook the biscuits until they are browned on one side and then turn them over with a spatula and cook until the middle is done. The objective here is to cook them through without burning them. It only takes about 15 minutes so it is very compatible with my cooking timelines when camping.


    To the Bisquick recipe for biscuits add a handful of raisins and about a fourth cup of sugar and a teaspoon or so of cinnamon. Cook as biscuits. While you are not going to put Cinabon out of business they are pretty good.


    If you know how to use a Dutch oven (I don't) then Bisquick can be used to make a cobbler with canned fruit.
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    Not quite so. I know fer a fact that the corn bread, the second batch;) in the dutch were top cabin.

    Also the biscuits per your above instructions in the cast iron skillet were top cabin.

    You now know all you need to about cooking in a dutch oven. All that hype associated with catering to the dutch's temperament is just moose berries. Really.

    In fact that cast iron skillet was last used to blacken some steaks and was heated to almost the point of glowing. All curing was heated out of it. It was, according to the experts:rolleyes: flat out ruined. It just so happens when you cooked the biscuits it was restored completely.

    So go to your local feed store and getcherself a small dutch and go at it. No mo excuses.:D