berger VLD or SMK?

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    Dec 21, 2003
    My new LR deer/varmint/target rifle will be chambered for the standard .243w with a 1-8twst, 3groove 27"lilja. Id like to shoot either the 107g SMK or the 105g berger VLD. From your experiences w/ any caliber, how have these two bullets compared--which produced better accuracy and how did it perform on game(My "match bullet" experience is limited to the 190g SMK out of my 300win-it performs great on paper and on game /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif). Ive killed plenty of deer w/ the .243 but it was with a shorter factory bbl and the 70gn nosler BTips never the long and heavy target bullets. All your info and opinions would be greatly appreciated.
    THanks a lot, Drew Stuart
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    Jun 12, 2004

    You have a good long range set up idea but for game such as deer, I generally do not recommend the 6mm using match bullets.

    This is not to say they will not perform and kill deer, its just that the small match bullets do not have the advantage of frontal area and weight like your 190 gr .308" bullets do.

    Of the two bullets you list, for deer size game I would recommend the SMK as it has a heavier jacket then the Berger and will generally penetrate better on target.

    I would personally not use any Berger on deer size game that was smaller then 7mm in caliber just because of their very thin jackets.

    For varmint hunting at long to extreme range you may want to look at the 105 gr A-Max as it will offer much more reliable and much quicker expansion then the other two bullets you listed.

    Accuracy wise, all three bullets have potential to hold well under 1 moa out to 1000 yards easily. The question is which bullet your rifle likes. Try them and see which is best.

    When ranges get long the smaller 6mm rounds will loose effectiveness on deer size game. If your hunting smaller southern deer you will be much better off. IF your hunting large mid west deer or norther deer, I would not recommend the 6mm class rounds for use over 400 yards or so to be honest.

    Not that they will not kill well, but these deer can get well over 300 lbs live weight. This is alot to ask of a 6mm round shooting a match bullet. Your 300 Win would be a much better choice for heavy norther deer.

    Kirby Allen(50)

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    Jun 12, 2001
    Hello DS

    I spent most of yesterday shooting different bullets through a 240Wby w 1-10 twist looking for a bullet that was not only good on deer but accurate enough to shoot at paper at 1000 yds. I have shot several deer with the 85 gr speer BT and the Barnes 85 gr XLC but they just do not deliver 1000 yd paper punching accuracy in my gun. End results of yesterday were that the 100 gr Sierra was the clear winner with the 95 gr Nosler BT doing OK and the 95 SST acceptable. I did not retest the Speer 100 gr BT but it had on a previous occassion been bested by the Sierra. The Sierra Game king has a BC of 0.430 - not a match bullet BC but it is not too bad. A couple of weeks ago I went and picked out a place where I can get up to 600 yd shots on deer. Of course it is just as likely that I will get trampled by a deer and have to shoot at 20 Ft.

    So anyway that is the compromise I reached on the same question but slighly different gun.