Berger 338 cal 300 gr "Gen 1" bullets for sale

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    Oct 30, 2007
    We are clearing out our inventory of “Gen 1” 338 cal 300gr Hybrid bullets. These bullets were replaced by our 338 cal 300gr Match Hybrid OTM Tactical bullets, which have a thicker jacket to stand up to extreme competition and tactical situations. These original “Gen 1” bullets were very effective as hunting bullets (under around 2850 fps), and will soon be reintroduced as our 338 cal 300gr Hunting bullet. These bullets are Match Grade and every bit as good as any other Berger, but have a different part number than the Hunting bullets will have.

    Please call 714-447-5422 to order these bullets.
    Orders will be accepted by phone only. These bullets will be sold on a first come - first served basis, and are non-refundable.

    338 cal 300 gr Match Hybrid “Generation 1” bullets:
    Pt #33401 – 50 count - $28.73 per box (34 boxes availaible)
    Pt #33701 – 250 count - $132.31 per box (20 boxes available)

    Please do not reply here or send your order by email as this will not secure the bullets. Orders will be taken over the phone only.

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