BAT MB Dual Port 6mmBR

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    Aug 30, 2010
    Hey fellas! I figured I'd post my latest build since it just came in this evening from Mike Davis of Davis Custom Rifle & Machine, LLC in North Carolina. All stock work was completed by Tom Meredith from TM Solutions. Here are the specs:

    -Bat Machine MB RB/LP/RE action with diamond fluted bolt/.308 boltface
    -Bat Machine stainless 20MOA picatinny rail
    -Krieger HV contour barrel finished @ 30" and chambered in 6mmBR(.2695 neck with .104 freebore reamer from Dave Kiff)
    -ST1000 fiberglass stock from Bill Shehane(gray to black flame McMillan), inletting and all bedding by Tom Meredith
    -Polished aluminum custom buttplate from Tom Meredith
    -Bat Machine stainless trigger guard
    -Jewell HVR trigger

    Tell me what ya think:D...

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  2. The Surgeon

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    Sep 4, 2011
    That is a beautiful gun! I like the color combo on the stock with the metal work. Awesome!!!