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  1. JAA

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    Apr 19, 2010
    Newbie here, I have searched here and few other sites and have not really found a black and white answer to my question. If you have to pick between leupold dual dovetail or talley steel rings and bases which would you chose? I have both type talleys, the standard fixed and screw lock detachable and the Leupolds. Im mounting a Greybull Leupold on a custom Winchester .264Win mdl 70. I am wondering which would serve best on a medium-long range gun, and hold up against recoil best. I see some pin the Leupold DD rings and wonder if they have a weakness? The Talleys have the nice shoulder to bear against. I have only had experience with Ruger rifles and their integral ring design, this is my first rifle with srew on bases. I am looking for a little more precision with this one! Thanks.

    GNERGY Guest

    I haven't used the talleys but I had the leupold dual dovetail on my 338 Ultra mag without any problems at all. It held a Burris 4x-16x Signature. They look like a really strong base.

  3. highridge1

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    Jan 24, 2008
    I would highly recommend the Warme Maxima rings and bases.Very strong,more holding surface.I use them often on magnums and they hold up perfect.
  4. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004
    Rings and bases have different advantages depending on the use intended.

    Leupold and Talley's are good quality and both have a good record of quality.

    For trouble free use I like the duel dove tail Leopold's (The connection is Trouble
    free when installed correctly) and eliminate the ring to base screws.

    The Picatinny bases are more versatile and can have MOA built in.

    The Leupold quick release rings and bases are so repetable that they are my
    recommendation for rifles that are shipped/flown to locations because you can
    remove the scope and Carry it in your Carry on or travel bag and not risk damage
    from the air port gorillas. when you arrive on site the scope can be placed back
    on the rifle with confidence that it is not damaged. (It is recomended that you
    check zeros no matter how it was transported.

    The very best scope bases and rings that I know about are the Near Mfg Alpha's

  5. Dr. Vette

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    Dec 30, 2009
    I use the Leupold Dual Dovetail bases, but go with the Burris Signature rings. You can add/adjust MOA with them, they grip better and they will not mar your scope. Search the forum for more info.