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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by cornchuck, May 28, 2011.

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    Got a questions for you guys. When I clean my guns after a shooting session, I lube the bore because I don't know when the next time that gun will be out shooting. I have been using a lube from Outters. But I have been thinking that if it is a thin oil that it will just run down the bore sitting in the safe. What good would that be in protecting from rust? Is there grease form out there that should be used. I already run dry patches through the bore before firing to get the lube out.

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    After cleaning cr-moly bores, I run a patch dampened with a very mild solvent/protectant called RustPrufe through the bore and chamber . I dry patch before shooting them, particularly the chambers. Setting in the safe in the house, it might not be necessary to protect them, but.....

    If you use enough oil to run down the bore, that's too much.

    For long-term storage, I rub gun grease into a patch and swab the bore and chamber thoroughly with it. When you get ready to shoot, it is CRITICAL to run solvent and dry patch every trace of the grease out first. Grease in the chamber can be very dangerous.

    Stainless bores and chambers I leave dry after cleaning.

    You can search this site for more info. Much more info.

    Not the only way, just the way I do it.

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    I have scoped way too many rusty stainless barrels including some of my own that were kept in a 78 degree safe to store dry barrels ever again. Rem oil is fine. No rust even after a year.

    I would add any bore cleaner that says it's safe to store with their product in the barrel is lying! Two of my my favorite bore cleaners Wipe Out and Bore Tech both will have rust if stored with it.

    Alcohol even when patched dry will show rust by the next day. Any oil for storange is better than none.
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