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    Nov 7, 2012
    I have some questions but first a little info. I purchased a lot of Hornady 150gr .308 SST bullets for reloading in my 30-06. I also bought some of the 30-106 Superformance ammo because I am just getting started with reloading and long range shooting.
    Question 1, When using the GSeven ballistic calculator I noticed that the factory load data that the calculator has says that the BC of that Superformance ammo is quite a bit different then what the bullet is advertised at ( Hornady advertises .415 and GSeven says .37, both values G1). So which do you think would be better to go with?
    Question 2, I also have noticed that there is a G7 ballistic coefficient value and was wondering where I could look up different bullet values if the manufacture dose not list them, like Hornady.
    Question 3, this is the last , :rolleyes:, When I make my ballistic tables I plan on shooting targets at different ranges and comparing the results. Now I have a chronograph I plan on using, what should I adjust to get better drop data if I need to make a correction. For example, Gunwerks has a video on there youtube channel where they adjust the muzzle velocity to correct for drop. But I was thinking about adjusting the B.C. since I have a chronograph. My only problem with that is I think this will throw off my windage corrections.

    Wow that was a lot of typing...
    Any thoughts about my questions???gun)