Backcountry idiots

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by M_freeman, Nov 20, 2010.

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    Aug 10, 2009
    It's the last day of deer season for me and I am sitting atop a ridge about 600 yards from the road where I parked my jeep in a little flat turnout, I am glassing a meadow beyond, looking for the elusive mulie buck. Off in the distance I hear the ring ding ding of a couple of motocross bikers. I thought, they'll pass by quick, and with a few more hours of sunlight things will settle down before prime time. I did chose this area as it is very remote with a rough 10 mi 4wd trail to get back there and I could avoid crowds having hunted the area midweek before, I really didn't expect any company. I turned my binoculars away from the meadow and back to the road and my jeep, much to my surprise one biker pointed to my jeep as he passed and they both stopped about 20 yards past the jeep and looked around. One biker took off his helmet circled back to the jeep and sat on his bike three feet from the back inspecting inside he hadn't touched anything yet. He did seem very interested in the gas cap, I suspect he keeps a siphon hose on his bike. Then he pointed to my rear tire and stuck his hand in his pocket. I thought about the stories I have heard of guys getting their vehicles vandalized in the remote backcountry, I'd be in a world a hurt as remote as I was if they rendered the jeep undrivable. All of a sudden they left fast. He was lucky he didn't touch my jeep, I think he might have had a reason to clean his dirty pants as he would have been scared pretty darn bad.
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    You cant have what you cant afford leave it alone lightbulb