**AR500 Steel Target T-POST brackets**

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    Hey Guys,

    After lots of testing and prototyping, JC Steel Targets has a really sweet AR500 Steel Target T-POST bracket.

    These are very nice, they will last a long time, are really strong, are lightweight, compact, and best of all, fairly cheap.

    All of these brackets are made from start to finish by our students here at Jubilee Youth Ranch. jyranch.org , and like everything else we sell, all our proceeds go back to the youth ranch to keep the programs up and running so our youth can find new beginnings.

    What we have is a custom T POST bracket to fit pretty much any standard Medium Duty T Post. You can get T-POST's from any hardware store for a couple bucks a piece.

    The idea is this, buy a couple T POSTs and drive them wherever your heart so desires. Leave them there....Then, you have your targets already attached to the T POST brackets. Just go out and slip them over the T POSTs and your ready to rock and roll. Very simple, and very effective. The brackets are fairly compact, so you can carry them in a pack attached to your targets if you want, and hike them out to your T POST's, or if you put your T POSTs by a road, drive down the road and slip them over the posts...And start shooting.

    We have four sizes available

    -6 inch T-Post Bracket-$17
    -7.5 inch T-Post Bracket-$18
    -9 inch T-Post Bracket-$19
    -12 inch T-Post Bracket-$20

    -Holes Spacings on Targets-
    -6" Bracket, accommodates 3.5-4.5" Center to Center hole spacings
    -7.5" Bracket, accommodates 4.5-6" Center to Center hole spacings
    -9" Bracket, accommodates 5.5-7.5" center to center hole spacings
    -12" Bracket, accommodates 7.5-10.5 center to center hole spacings

    Each Bracket will come with all needed Grade 8 hardened hardware so your ready to mount your targets.

    Hardware includes-
    2-Grade 8 1/2x13 bolts
    2-Nylon Lock Nuts
    2-External Tooth Washers
    2-Lock Washers

    Each Bracket is individually priced but can ship together. We can fit up to 6 brackets of any size in one box.

    Shipping/handling charges are a flat $18 for up to 6 T-Post Brackets. This will cover full value insurance, delivery confirmation, and USPS priority 2-3 day shipping.

    You can order some brackets by sending me a PM with what you would like, or an email, at jcsteeltargets@gmail.com.

    Thanks to all that have helped test these brackets with 1000's of rounds downrange. Much appreciated.

    Here are a couple of cheesy pics and a small video-

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hPNDASZnmc]AR 500 Steel Target T POST bracket - YouTube[/ame]