Anti Gun / Shooting Industry policy run by UK Banks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pete Lincoln, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. Pete Lincoln

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    Mar 17, 2004
    Well all you guys in the UK and world wide who use Barclays Bank. I just thought i'd let you all know that Barclays Bank has an Anti Gun Trade policy.
    I've been banking with Barclays for years, as has my Father. Due to the official start up of my Custom Precision Rifle Business in March of this year i have been trading a fair bit back and forth with the UK and also here in Germany.
    To cut a long story short, the commings and goings are getting a bit much for a private bank account and after discussing the matter with my local branch over the phone i was advised to open a buisness account, this offering a far better service to a small business.
    Anyway, i get putin touch with barclays corportate international, and everything is looking rosy, I've got 5 grand petty cash sat in the private account, and Barclays are more than happy to sort out the international transfer internet banking facility that i require, sort out the credit card acceptencehard ware and soft ware etc.. alllooking rosey and straight forward..
    untill they want to know exactly what line of business i'm in. well the following is the answer and short sharp attitude i have gotten in contacts with them since

    Dear Mr Lincoln

    Thank you for your interest in using the services of Barclays Bank however I regret to advise the Bank is not actively seeking business from this sector of the market.

    Kind regards

    Suzanne Donnelly

    in phone calls and emails since then it has become apparent and absolutely cristal clear that Barclays Bank are operating an Anti Gun Trade policy. They are putting up with business accounts held by current customers in the gun trade, howeveri expect that current customers get far less customerservice than they would if they owned a flower shop or barbers salon... and they aren't taking on any new buisness custom from any one with any trade in weaopons..

    I'm sick as hell of getting treated like a second class citizen just because i have a hobby and business that revolves around guns.

    I wonder if Barclays would be so quick to turn me away if my company was cammed BAE systems, General Electric, Vickers. Ruag, an the like? i wonder..
    This is the same crap that comes out of Dell, Balzers and a shed load of other companies who swallow the drivvelput out by the politicians and police forces, banks and businesses that are run by left wing peace protesters..
    Well i for ne am voting with my feet..
    Both my account, that of my kids (2 accounts) and that of my Father will all be closed by the end of the week..
    I would urge all you other shooting, hunting and gun trade folk to check who you do business with, bank with and see if they are anti gun,,
    its time we gunners stood up for our rights and voted with our feet..

    Pete.. soon to be ex barclays customer.
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    May 25, 2005
    As we're in the same business, I'm glad to have read your post. I Applaud your stance in this.