alluminum vs. poured pillars

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    Feb 10, 2006
    So, I've got some Devcon steel putty and brownells release agent on the way, and am getting worked up to go ahead and bed my A-Bolt. I've done a bit of kitchen table gunsmithing before, and I think I'll most likely be able to pull it off (I have not, as of yet bedded a rifle before). However, after researching a bit on this site, it looks like installing alluminum pillars in an A-bolt can be a bit tricky, and I'm not convinced that I want to or need to do it. So the questions I have are; how much will I be giving up by just pouring an epoxy pillar (a-la "how to shoot beyond belief" style)? And, about how thick does the epoxy need to be in the forend in order to stiffen it up? I've got quite a bit of flex in the forend on my factory stock and figure I better do something about that if I plan to get any accuracy out of it.
    Thanks guys.